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Tips to Maintain the Life of your Printer

Whether you are a student in campus, a burgeoning businessperson, or a corporate organization, your printer is a very essential machine that produces hard copies of important documents. All the same, printers can break down due to mechanical problems, which may require support from qualified professionals for printer repairs. However, before you reach that point, there are a lot more that you can do to the machine to maintain its life and the quality of printouts. Here are some tips to follow to achieve this objective.

Remember to clean the print heads

This is important because it helps stop clogging the printers nozzles with ink. It also reduces smudge on paper. While some printers have automatic print head cleaning mechanism, not all printers, especially HP and Lexmark have it. Clogging of print heads can cause major problem that can lead to services of an expert in printer repairs. To clean the print head, first remove the cartridge gently then clean the print head with a non-fluffy damp cloth. Dont use alcohol or tissue as that can easily damage the printer. After cleaning the print heads, ensure that they are dry before you replace the cartridge. Check out Printer repairs

Use your printer regularly

Relieving your printer of duty for a long time, say, one year, can lead to serious complications that only a professional for printer repairs can handle. Experts in printer maintenance suggest that a printer kept for a long time without working will produce poor quality printout when it gets back to work. In addition, keeping the machine longer without work puts the life of the printer in danger. It is advisable to use the machine regularly, making use of both colored and black and white prints. Regular use keeps the nozzles open and prevents the ink from drying up.

Handle printer jams carefully

When you experience a paper jam with your printer, you should not handle the machine roughly by removing out papers forcefully. In any case, the best thing to do is to call a reliable specialist in printer maintenance Sydney has to offer. However, when you decide to do it yourself, start by visiting the manufacturers website and look at troubleshooting guidelines offered. Observe your printer carefully, as some models especially HP, have a hatch at the back that you can remove to access the paper wheels. This enables you to see the jammed paper and remove it gently without further damage.

Power down the printer correctly

Experts in printer maintenance CBD has to offer suggest that you turn off the printer when not in use. Switch off from the printers power button and, if need be, unplug from the main source of power. Powering off in the middle of something can damage your printer so refrain from doing it. In addition, cleaning of both software and hardware is also necessary in a printer, but you should not overdo it. Check the manufacturers website and look for any guidelines provided. If not, call a reliable printer maintenance expert for appropriate advice.

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