About Us

The Animé Café is dedicated to becoming the premier anime review site on the internet. Our goal is to provide comprehensive episode-by-episode analysis of animated Japanese features. These reviews are further augmented by cross-referencing cast and production information. This is NOT a for-profit project! We put up our own money to have this site hosted completely independent of any corporate interests.

In addition to making this site independent, we also try to strive to balance the appearance of this site with accessibility. This means that there isn’t a whole lot of mapped graphics and fancy formatting here…

The site contains over 38 MB of information spread out over 2250 HTML pages, most of which is text-based. We’re not an image gallery nor are we an MP3 site… in fact, we’re not a download site of any sort. Our focus is to provide a wide variety of information about anime.

We’re also the home of A Parent’s Guide to Anime, a site that we adopted from Bryan Pfaffenberger back in February of 1998. Bryan wasn’t able to maintain the site as well as he’d like, so we’ve volunteered our resources. It’s now an integral part of the Café.

Look Ma! No Frames! Personally, we think that frames should be struck from the HTML 3.0 specifications. They just create too many problems with the various browsers out there (you try hitting the ‘back’ button on your browser…)

No Java! No Active-X! That means no security risks for you! If you disable everything, the counter might not work, but who cares? We don’t even send cookies, though we have been known to dunk a few in our coffees. We do use a few CGI scripts for forms control, but they’re not required for things to work on this site.

No HTML editors, either! What can we say? We have no use for gaudy pictures, or ridiculously slow websites with monstrously complex graphics. All our pages are hand-coded (can’t you tell by our simple layout and atrocious spelling?) and formatted using good old reliable Microsoft Notepad. (“But it’s 32-bit Notepad!”)

Please note: all graphics are copyright © the original artist and the respective production companies.

No Ads! Why tie up bandwidth with stuff you’re not interested in? No web-rings, either…

Absolutely no cabbits were harmed in the making of these web pages!