Macross Plus Episode #4

Technically brilliant, the Macross Plus OAV series took us to the limits of animation technology. No scene better exemplifies this that the final dogfight between Guld and Dyson above, around and in Macross city. The attention to detail, motion of the fighters and captivating soundtrack make this both a visual and audio feast for the senses.

Taiho Shichauzo OAV series, opening credits

Painstakingly detailed renderings of vehicles was the trademark of this series, but to me, the most impressive piece of animation happens in the opening credits, when we are treated to an intricately executed perspective motion shot between Miyuki and Natsumi, while a plane is flying overhead. Beautiful composition, and excellent synchronisation with the opening theme song make this a very memorable scene.

Grave of the Fireflies

This movie literally has it all, including an incredible opening scene. Seita, dying in a train station, can no longer hold on to a can which once belong to his sister Setsuko. A janitor cleaning the station picks it up, and throws the can into the fields. Cut to a close-up of the now open can, which now contains the bodies of dead fireflies. But then, like magic, glowing fireflies emerge to fill the field, and form the shapes of a young girl… Setsuko, surrounded by glowing fireflies, is joined by her older brother Seita. Seita reaches down, and adjusts Setsuko’s hat, as the story begins. This is pure visual magic; an incredible segue into the opening scene.

The Wings of Honneamise

GAINAX’s incredible first foray into big-budget productions created a literal feast for the eyes: inspired mechanical designs which behave as if they were real. The movie culminates in an impressive launch of the three-stage, thrust augmented manned rocket: a society’s first foray into space.